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Kigso Games eGift Card

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E-gift cards are delivered within a few minutes of completing your order, unless this is a gift and you select a future delivery date at checkout.

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Kigso.com (herein referred to as Kigso) is an Aspire Communication Services, LLC company (herein referred to as ACS), mailing address: 7512 Dr Phillips Blvd, Suite 50-613, Orlando, FL 32819.

As a user of Kigso you must agree to the following Terms & Conditions as well as our Privacy Policy. If you have any questions about any of our policies please feel to contact us by selecting 'Contact' on the Kigso web site and completing the form.

You should not purchase any Kigso products or continue to use our site or services if you disagree with any of our policies, find them to be unclear or questionable to you. if you are not a current user of our site/services, we ask that you do not create an account until you are in full agreement with both our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Redemption Instructions

Redemption codes for game credits or game bundles can be purchased at participating retailers through physical gift cards, eGift cards or digital distribution.

Terms & Conditions

Refunds are not available for purchased redemption codes or redemption codes which have subsequently been redeemed. Game credits can only be used to redeem games and are non-refundable and have no cash value.

Should you redeem all games but still have game credits available those game credits will be stored in your account. These stored credits can be used for other games as and when Kigso makes new games available. Kigso will release new games at its own discretion and is not required to release new games at any particular time.

Unactivated accounts (Where an account has been created but no codes have been redeemed) will be deleted after 60 days. Kigso is not responsible for the storage of the redemption code which was used to apply for the account. It is your responsibility to enter a correct email address and to contact us within the 60 days if you have any trouble receiving your emailed confirmation PIN.

Redemption codes expire 12 months after purchase. Once a code is redeemed for game credits the credits must then be redeemed for games within 6 months after which time they will expire.

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